Draw, Sketch and Doodle some more!

Now, more than ever I take the opportunity to sketch on a daily basis; and the kids and I even enjoy doing kid’s YouTube tutorials that demonstrate how to draw different things like animals and characters. It’s so enjoyable to sit and zone out, observe what’s outside my window and to enjoy creative time with my lovely children.  This morning my son and I learnt to draw a water dragon together from a kid’s YouTube video. We slowly followed the steps and to my amazement we had terrific drawings of water dragons at the end of it! What a precious moment we shared together.

 I really encourage my children to do their drawings in a sketchbook. I personally use moleskin sketchbooks (which can be a bit pricey but the paper quality is exceptional). For the kids I like to buy Quill A4 marker pads as the paper quality is still very good, it handles mixed media techniques (like watercolour) and is affordable. Using a sketchbook keeps all of their drawings in one place (the kids used to grab a new piece of A4 printer paper every time they wanted to do a drawing and it would eventually end up in the bin). Having a sketch pad of their own is a great way to compile all of their ideas, sketches, experiments etc in the one place. I encourage the kids to experiment with different pencils to see what marks they can make. We use 2B, 4B, 6B and 8B to explore light to dark shades (greyscale). I really like to use Faber-Castell and they have a great set of 8 Mixed Media set available on Amazon that includes an eraser and a pencil sharpener for $10 (see link below). Grab yourself a sketchbook and some pencils and get drawing!

Flourish sell Drawing kits that include a range of pencils, a graphite / charcoal stick, a sketch pad, eraser and pencil sharpener (with a bonus surprise included).  Flourish Drawing Starter Pack

Links to individual items :


Moleskin sketchbook A5

Quill Visual Art Diary A4

Drawing pencils

Faber Castell graphite pencils set

We have put together our own drawing sets to make life easier!

Flourish Drawing Starter Pack